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Brian Alley wrote:At Crosby, MUD and lots of it! It is a fun place to go hang out and it is legal, most places around Houston are questionable to say the least. The places lots of people go is just property that is owned by someone who generally doesn't have a clue what is going on there. Once they find out it is usually shut down shortly after. I personally will only visit the places that are 100% legal, just don't need the hassle that can be associated with the other places.

Crosby can be lots of fun if you do not expect much. There are some good climbs and plenty of spots to get some pucker factor, both of which are hard to find around here. oh, did I mention the MUD? Some say it is toxic and stains the paint on the rigs, I have never seen this. It did almost instantly eat the black primer off my wheels! As for the mud in Crosby. Best way I know is from I-10 heading east on I-10 from Houston, take the Crosby/Lynchburg Exit. Go North through highlands, past the old Battleground Speedway until you see 'highlands motorcross park', immediately past the park is a road to the left, take that road and follow it down past a bunch of pipe yards all the way to the end where there is a gate. there you will find Hugh or his wife collecting money, give them $6 and go wheel. Make sure to watch someone else go through any suspicious holes first, lots of them will eat 44's and want more!

Charles wrote:After a good rain a stock Jeep can not make Crosby. I've seen 38's swallowed out there, and yes my 33's have disappeared in to the goo. If you go to Crosby wash it as fast as possible, it does stain, to many chemicals dumped into the San Jacinto over the years I guess.

Stevan Gajic wrote:Crosby is a local spot which is a solid mud run. If you're gonna go there, I'd really recommend getting a few of the Higher Class guys in on the run because it'd take a sizable truck to pull you out when (not if) you get buried bumper deep out there.

Coe Parker wrote:from College Station I would say (double check for accuracy) take 290 towards I-10 take I-10 E out to the Beltway go North the freeway will end... curve to the right and get onto U.S. 90 Highway... then exit County Rd. stop on the exit ramp... drive off down to the right... and you are in.
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