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Consafo Ranch - Juno, Texas

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Weather: The weather is typically hot during the summer months. Temps can and do reach the 100's, so bring plenty of water and drink some throughout the day. The humidity is low and it is easy to get dehydrated. Using sunscreen is also a good idea, even during the winter months.

Our winter weather varies. It is nice most of the time, but some days are very cold. From fall thru March you should pack for temperate weather but always bring a heavy wind/rain resistant coat and a change of clothes that provide maximum warmth just in case the temperature drops suddenly, as can happen.

Rain: While this area has very little rain fall, when it does rain, it is extremely dangerous. The park will shut down and close for any inclement weather. Should anyone be caught off guard on the trails they should immediately seek higher ground. If your rig is unable to get out of the canyon bottoms immediately, you should leave it. It is alot easier to replace, than yourself or a loved one.

Wind: We typically have a good bit of wind, which is nice in the summer or when your rig is running a little warm, but it can also make 50-60 degree weather feel much colder .

Amenities: We have restroom facilities centrally located in the campground, but you will need to provide your own toilet paper. The campgrounds are located near the entrance to the property and sit on flat ground. There are RV slots available on a first come first serve basis. We have 6 hookups with 4 prong 50 amp connections and water.

Cell phones: Reception is shaky at best. It depends on your model and carrier. almost everywhere, but any reception you get may be roaming.

What to Bring: Bring plenty of water, food, extra gasoline, adequate shelter, whether it's a full camper or a tent, and all the spare parts you feel you will need. The closest stores are in Comstock and Ozona. That's 30 and 45 minutes away, respectively.

Typical Weekend: Our gate will be open around noon on Friday. Typically, we will allow a short run for those that are ready and paid a few hours before sunset. Registration is on Saturday, and we are usually able to begin around 8:30 a.m.. Sunday wheeling will begin in the morning and run till early afternoon.

Miscellaneous: We hope to provide a safe and fun environment for all, and to this end, we fully expect everyone to follow the rules. No exceptions. We do not want to have to play "policeman."

Please try to keep the enjoyment of others in mind. If you know your group tends to get a little rowdy (you know who you are) try to police yourselves. Camp in an area away from other campers, and don't allow a few people in you group to get you banned from ever returning. If we ask you to tone it down a little, please respect that.

Watch out for snakes. Being a natural desert area, they can be found nearly anywhere.

PARENTS: any minor child must have their release form signed by their parent or guardian and it must be NOTORIZED.



1. Stay on designated trails only.
2. No alcohol on the trails.
3. No illegal mind altering substances allowed. If found in possession or under the influence of any illegal mind altering substance, you will be immediately asked to leave and escorted off the property.
4. ATV’s and Dirt bikes are not allowed on the property.
5. All pets must be on a leash at all times.
6. No littering. Pack it in-pack it out.
7. Campfires in designated areas only when not under a burn ban.
8. No firearms.
9. Tread lightly.
10. Maintain safe speeds at all times.
11. All guests that enter the property must fill out and sign a release form.

Minimum vehicle requirements
1. Properly anchored tow hooks front and rear.
2. Seatbelts for all vehicle occupants.
3. Roll bar, roll cage, or metal hardtop.
4. At least one axle locked.
5. Fire extinguisher that is in working order.


$40 per wheeling rig - all active duty military and border patrol get a 50% discount on general admission with proof of active duty.
$20 per night per RV hookup (first come, first served).

Download Release Form HERE


The entrance gate is roughly 7 or 8 miles south of the State Hwy 163 and Ranch Road 189 intersection, and 34 miles north of Comstock. The gate is located north of Virgil Crossing and south of Burnt Crossing.

Map to Ranch - Click to Enlarge

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