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Demon4x4 Membership

Founded in 1999, Demon4x4's mission is to participate, promote and educate on off-roading and Tread Lightly! principles and area rules.

Demon4x4 does this by acting as a development finance institution for off-road related non-profit organizations, working to fill their overall need for capital through memberships and other support goals of the off-road community. Our goal is to have responsible family outdoor fun, to observe and educate on Tread Lightly! principles, and to maintain existing trail systems and supporting the establishment of new legal trail systems.

When you support Demon4x4, you not only keep it's website and forums open to it's members, you support the off-road community. Our contributors support such organizations as the Blue Ribbon Coalition, Tread Lightly!, Souther High Rollers, Texas Motorized Trails Coalition, and the United Four Wheel Drive Association. Become a member today and help keep our trails open to the public!

Membership Levels

Registered Member - Free
Registered Membership is free

Legion Member - $20 Annually
Legion Membershp is available in a $20 annual subscription, or a monthly $2 subscription

Core Member - $120 Annually
Core Membership is available in a $120 annual subscription, or a monthly $10 subscription
Vehicle Categories

Street Queen: 2wd, unlocked, fear of body damage, no intention of offroading - Up to 1+ rated trails

Stock: self explanatory, 4wd with low range - Up to 3 rated trails

Super Stock: 31" tires, skidplates, LSD (limited slip differential) in rear - Up to 3+ rated trails

Modified: 32" tires, LSD front and rear OR one locker - Up to 4 rated trails

Super Modified: 33" tires, LSD in one axle AND one locker in the other - 4+ rated trails

Big Dog: 35" tires, both axles locked, winch, willing to take major body damage - 4+ rated trails

Extreme: Buggy, 40+ tires, both axles locked, winch(es) - Any trail
Membership Options